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Janitor Cupboards are offered in a wide range of options at Cupboards Direct. We offer Armour and Probe cupboards both offering exceptional storage space and use. The Armour cupboards are available in a variety of different colour options. They also are ready to buy in different sizes to cater for all our customers. In addition, all our janitor cupboards are UK manufactured which ensures the best possible quality

The Armour Janitor Cupboards

We have a variety of different storage options that are able to carry different objects and products. Our Armour janitor cupboards are able to store all different sorts of cleaning appliances and any other object you may need. They are also able to hold items such as jackets and coats.  They also offer "no stag" handles with two point locking mechanism for extra security. The Janitor cupboards ensure that products are neat, safe and secure inside. Also, each cupboards come with a removable rail on one side. As well as three adjustable shelves on the other. This ensures great flexibility when in use and can for a wide variety of industries. 

The Probe Janitor Cupboards

This cupboard can also equip as a janitor cleaning cupboard whereby you are able to store plenty of different products inside. The Probe cupboards contain 5 knuckle hinges. This again ensures safety and protection of your items. What's different about our probe cupboards in comparison to the armour cupboards is that the shelving is fixed. If you are a business or a customer who is looking for fixed and easily portable lockers then these are your best choice! In addition, all Probe lockers are best suitable for light to medium use in areas such as offices and garages. The Probe cupboards also come at a slim size for smaller environments. Should you need to store less objects, then you could purchase a wider cupboard. 

Our Janitor storage cupboards 

Safety is extremely important to us at cupboards direct. Thus all our janitor cupboards are coated with active coat powder. This reduces any sort of harmful bacteria.  Moreover, all janitor storage cupboards come with a specific shelf capacity. Should you wish to store heavy items such as larger boxes and hoovers, our janitor cupboards are a great choice. They have a shelf capacity of 65kg, enabling you to store many different items. Each cupboard also has a weight variation. If you want to have a more lighter weight storage cupboard the "Probe Slim Cupboard" may be a good option. The weight is only 45kg, which makes it easy for transportation. 
Should you have any questions or enquires contact us today on 01384 887084 or email us at sales@cupboardsdirect.co.uk and we will be happy to help.