Handling & Lifting

Material Handling Equipment provides aids for lifting, moving and storing all types of materials. Contact us today on 01384 887084 for more information on material handling equipment, or send an email to sales@cupboardsdirect.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

IPC Storage Products

Our range includes IBC containers, IBC containment pallets, IBC sump pallets and IBC storage cabinets.

Trucks and Trolleys

Some of our best selling material handling equipment. Choose from hand, plastic tray trolleys, platform trucks, box trucks, shelf trucks, roll containers, supermarket trolleys, post trolleys, carpet and pipe trolleys, container trolleys, plastic container trucks, transport dollies, turntable trucks, sheet carriers, step trucks, wheelbarrows, bin trucks and laundry trolleys.

Pallet Trucks

This range of material handling equipment includes standard hand pallet trucks, low profile pallet trucks, high lift pallet trucks, wet area pallet trucks, weigh scale pallet trucks, rough terrain pallet trucks, reel trucks and electric pallet trucks.

Lifting Platform Trucks

Available with standard lift or high lift these lifting platform trucks are suitable for many varied uses, including work positioner in the workshop or pile hoist in the printing shop.

Lift Tables

Consisting of standard double scissor lift tables and "U" profile static lift tables, these units are suitable for use in any workshop or warehouse.

Roller Conveyors

Our range of material handling equipment includes gravity roller tracks suitable for multi-use on flooring or racking, flexible roller conveyor ideal for transferring goods and loading/unloading vehicles with minimum effort and maximum speed and mini gravity roller conveyor mounted on fixed stands.


Suitable for lifting and transportation of tools and equipment this range of stackers are available in several different models, winch operated, hydraulic stackers, electro-hydraulic stackers, semi-electric stackers and fully self-propelled stackers covering all industrial applications.

Load Movers

Ideal for bulky and heavyweight items, with these large load movers the load is raised and can be easily moved around in any direction, even in the tightest of areas.

Chain Hoists

These Economy Chain Hoists are made from robust steel and are available in a choice of models from 500 kg to 10 tonnes capacity.

Automatic Pallet Leveller

The automatic pallet leveller helps to reduce the risk of back strains and injuries by automatically positioning the height of the load using springs, without requiring any external power source.

Material Racks

Our range includes cantilever bar for storing bars, rods etc, vertical sheet storage racks for storing of sheets and stacking bar cradle racks for storing of long items.


Suitable for storing and transportation, this range includes plastic pallets, plastic box pallets, metal pallets, wire mesh folding pallets and forklift tipping pallets.

Mobile Tray Racks

Proving storage and transportation, our range of mobile tray racks have a steel framed mobile chassis with removable plastic trays.


Suitable for storage and transportation this range of material handling equipment includes plastic containers, aluminium transport containers, galvanised steel containers, wire containers, plastic pallet boxes and liquid safety containers.