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Our bar tub trucks, otherwise known as plastic container trucks are ideal for the movement of large quantities of materials. Ideally within a store, workshop or factory. Our wide range of container trucks include Plastic trucks, Steel Chassis Plastic Trucks and Glass fibre Trucks.
The Glass Fibre Trucks are mobile on four wheels and are available in a variety of different sizes to suit all customer needs. They also have a huge benefit of being lightweight and stackable. This makes them very suitable for environments with lack of storage space. As well as and industries that need to be organised such as hospitals. They come with or without lids thus have very easy access to the products inside the truck or it means your products can be protected. Due to them also being make in the UK, you can ensure the container trolleys are reliable and are made of high quality materials.
The Polyethylene Mobile Bar Trucks are a perfect solution for your recycling needs. At Cupboards Direct we offer 5 different Litre capacities that they can store. Like the Glass Fibre Trucks, they are stackable and mobile on four 50mm nylon castors so are perfect for storage and manoeuvring items.
Buy online or call 01384 887084 for a friendly chat and some advice on our Plastic Container Trucks.