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Mobile Scissor Lifts

Mobile scissor lifts are a great form of transporting industrial goods around any workplace. They have a key function of lifting heavy-duty items in a safe and simple manner. With these products, you will have no time wasting and become efficient with your workload.

Mobile scissor lifts come as either single or double lifts. The double lift will lift lighter items higher, and the single lift is able to lift heavier items but less high than the double. We offer mobile scissor lifts that can hold different capacities such as 150kg, 300kg, 350kg, 500kg, and 1000kg.

You can choose these loads depending on how much you want to load onto the lift table. Small scissor lifts are ideal for carrying loads up to 350kg. Bigger scissor lift load capacities starts at 500kg.

Our TUFF Range

In the mobile scissor lift category, we offer our TUFF range here. TUFF can be best described by the slogan “TUFF by name, TUFF by nature”. With this range you can expect quality, durability, and cost effectiveness to be the best you have ever received! The Tuff range comes in both blue and orange and is offered in load capacities of: 150kg, 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg.

What can they do for you?

The main function of all scissor lifts is to access height that are hard to each, since lifts can reach up to 32 feet high, the tool does allow workers in your workspace to reach spots that the before would not be able to.

Some advantages of scissor lifts include:

  • Easy to use due to their simple controlling handles, levers, and push buttons
  • They are compact in size and don’t take up too much floorspace in your workplace
  • They are environmentally friendly and cost effective due to electrically operating as well as having extreme longevity

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