Trucks & Trolleys

At Cupboards Direct we offer a wide range of trucks and trolleys that are available for several industries and workplaces. We offer standard daily trucks that can be used in office environments and more day-to-day industries. Lightweight sack trucks and standard platform trucks and trolleys are the most practical and easy to use to transport goods and different handling materials around. They come in a variety of different load capacities to suit all of our customer's wants and needs. On the other hand, we have heavier-duty options as well which are more suited to warehouse and industrial environments where the trucks and trolleys will be able to take larger capacities around and be more robust to any wear and tear that will occur over time. At Cupboards Direct our range of heavy-duty trolleys is manufactured to the highest quality and comes in a variety of different configurations, and size options and also have the option for braked and unbraked castors.

For any type of truck or trolley buy from our range includes Sack Trucks, Stairclimbing Trucks, Tray Trolleys, Plastic Tray Trolleys, Universal Trucks, White Goods Trucks, Platform Trucks, Box Trucks, Aluminium Trucks, Shelf Trucks, Shelf Trolleys covering all applications on 2 or 4 wheels - Buy online or call 01384 887084 now.