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Turntable trucks 

Turntable trucks can go by many different names such as heavy duty trolleys, flatbed trolleys or 4 wheeled site trolleys. They are a perfect way to move different loads around workplaces such as different sites, factories and warehouses. The can manoeuvre heavy duty items which therefore create a better workflow and increase safety for your industry and employees. They come with a handle so customers can easily move their items around areas. In addition, turntable trucks can turn around tighter areas and corners and are therefore suited to busier and smaller areas. 

Turntable trucks at Cupboards Direct

At Cupboards Direct we have many different turntable trucks for sale. Firstly, we have trucks with mesh sides that aid with load retention. They are best suited for heavy duty items and can be there to prevent any items from falling and therefore being damaged. They are also very easy to use because one side is able to be taken down for simplicity of unloading the items and stock from the truck. On the other hand, we also offer turntable trucks with no sides that contain specific safety features. For example, the Four Wheel Ackerman Steering trailers, contain a "stop" and "lock" mechanism and "heavy king pins and spring loaded retaining balls" to ensure safe toeing. 

Finally, we offer turntable trucks made from different materials such as steel and plywood. Choosing what material your turntable truck should be depends on what working environment you are in. We offer steel and plywood trucks both as heavy duty products or more light weight options. Our trucks can have a maximum load capacity of 500kg. This is great for more intense working conditions and ensures safety with handling the heavier items. 

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Buy Turntable Trucks and Trailers from Cupboards Direct Ltd  - our range includes Flat Bed Turntable Trucks, Industrial Trailers, Ackermann Trailers, Plastic Tipping Trucks, Turntable Trucks with Sides. Buy online or call 01384 887084 for a friendly chat and any advice.