Archway Lockers

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Archway Lockers

These space saving lockers are perfect for many industries. The Archway Lockers are unique in design with storage overhead. As well as hanging space for garments and workwear that sits underneath the overhead locker strorage. Choose up to 19 locker doors from the selection above. Designed for use in schools, factories, and staffrooms. They prove very useful for the NHS too.

Overhead Storage

The overhead locker feature allows the space to open up between. It also provides added security. In between the open space, we provide a hanging rail. This maximises storage and allows work garments amongst other uniforms to remain on show. This easy access feature means a fluid process for your staff or guests.

Locker with Hanging rails

This unique feature suits all industries. Especially the healthcare sector. Let's take the NHS for example. All our archway locker hanging rails come with an anti-bacterial powder coated paint finish. An excellent feature making them a very popular choice.

Colourful Lockers

As well as serving an important role for many businesses, the colour of the locker is important. Whether it's the mood or decor, the options for colours should never be overlooked. Here at Cupboards Direct, we have many colours for you to choose from. The lockers carcasses will always remain Silver Grey. Yet, the colour of the doors is up to you. Choose from red, blue, yellow, green, white, silver grey or black

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