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The Benefits of Lockers in Schools


In a busy school environment, staying organized is crucial for both students and teachers. Lockers are essential in acheiving this. School lockers help to improve the school's image and create a safer learning environment.

At Cupboards Direct we are passionate about school lockers and how they help schools to create a more organised, safer environment.

Discover how these simple storage solutions can make a big difference in creating an efficient and secure educational space.

The Advantages of Organisation

Maintaining an organised school environment brings numerous benefits for everyone. Here's why organisation matters:

  1. Easy Access: School lockers provide a space for students to store their belongings that they can access throughout the day. With personal storage at hand, students can quickly store and retrieve essential items throughout the day.
  2. Clutter Reduction: Lockers help minimise clutter in classrooms and hallways by giving students a designated place to store their belongings. This promotes a clean, organised learning environment and a more productive atmosphere.
  3. Time Management: When students have organised storage, they spend less time searching for their items. This reduces the amount of time students spend in corridors.

The Impact of School Lockers on Safety

School lockers aid organisation and contribute to a safer school environment. Here's how they improve safety:

  1. Fire Safety: Lockers play a crucial role in fire safety measures. By providing designated storage areas, lockers help reduce fire hazards such as cluttered hallways or classrooms. In the event of a fire, maintaining clear and easy access to exits are essential.
  2. Security: School lockers offer a secure space for students to store their personal belongings. Valuable items can be kept in a safe place during the day. When items are carried around the school they become vulnerable to loss and theft. With school lockers, students can focus on their studies without worrying about the security of their possessions.
  3. Personal Safety: When students have individual lockers, it reduces the chances of taking someone else's belongings or misplacing their own. This encourages a conflict-free environment among students, promoting a sense of personal safety and respect.

The Practical Benefits of School Lockers

Beyond organisation and safety, school lockers offer practical advantages that contribute to an efficient learning environment:

  1. Space: School lockers maximise space by providing vertical storage solutions. With lockers, schools can effectively use limited floor space, allowing for more open areas in classrooms and corridors.
  2. Ownership: Lockers provide students with a personal space and create a sense of ownership. A locker gives a student their own small space in the school. This helps to create a positive and inclusive school culture.
  3. Stress Reduction: School lockers alleviate the stress of carrying heavy backpacks throughout the day. This promotes childrens health and growth development.

Choosing the Right School Lockers

When selecting school lockers, it's essential to consider certain factors to ensure they meet the specific needs of your school:

  1. Durability: All of our lockers are made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular use and resist damage. At Cupboards Direct we always supply lockers that can endure the demands of daily school life.
  2. Size and Configuration: Choose lockers that can accommodate items such as school bags, books, and lunch boxes. Consider different locker sizes, colours and door configurations to meet the needs of each year group. At cupboards direct many of our lockers are made to order, in the UK. This gives you total flexibility in choosing a locker that is right for your school.
  3. Safety Features: Look for lockers equipped with secure locking mechanisms to protect students' belongings. Additionally, consider fire-resistant materials and proper ventilation to enhance safety measures.

Look for EN13501

EN 13501 is a harmonized European standard that classifies the reaction to fire performance of construction products. Its purpose is to ensure a consistent and reliable assessment of fire safety across different member countries. The standard covers a wide range of building materials and products.

The standard evaluates fire resistance on various criteria. These are:

  • Ignitability: How easily a material ignites when exposed to a small flame.
  • Flame Spread: The rate at which flames spread across the surface of a material.
  • Heat Release: The amount of heat released by a burning material over time.
  • Smoke Production: The quantity and density of smoke generated by a material when exposed to fire.
  • Droplet/Particle Formation: The formation of flaming droplets or particles that can spread fire.

In a school environment, certification to EN13501 is essential. Many lockers are located in corridors, close to fire escapes. It is critical that they do not contribute towards a blaze.


School lockers provide a simple and effective solution for improving organisation, safety, and efficiency around the school.

Lockers promote easy access, reduced clutter, and contribute to fire safety measures, creating an environment conducive to effective learning.

Offering stress reduction and a cleaner, less cluttered environment school lockers are a valuable investment for any school. Choose lockers that are durable and that have numerous configurations and safety features to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

Installing school lockers can positively impact students' educational experiences, creating a well-organized, secure, and thriving learning environment.

Schools should consider installing lockers that are designed to guarantee maximum safety and security. This includes features such as reinforced doors and locks, as well as fire-resistant materials and proper ventilation.

Our Primary School Lockers

Our primary school lockers are available in various sizes to suit pupils of all ages. We would recommend the 955 and 1235 lockers as a great solution for primary schools.

Our storage lockers have strong metal frames and doors meaning they are ideal for busy school environments. We have a wide range of primary school lockers available. As well as many colours to select. This can help brighten and compliment your school.

Storage for all Students

We offer lockers for Primary Schools, Seconday Schools, Colleges and Universities. For younger children we offer low height lockers, for students in secondary schools and further education we have tall 1800h options.

Education Sector Safety

All of our education lockers have anti-bacterial powder coating. This coating helps to prevent the spread of germs including MRSA. Our School Lockers are fitted with cam locks or latch locks as standard and a security shelf for peace of mind.

Great Range of Colours

With have over 20 colour options for you to choose from, we can also quote for bespoke colours too.

Look below at some of the colour options you have with the TUFF Lockers and Armour Lockers:

Need a Small Locker?

We understand not everyone needs tall storage units. Below are some helpful links to small lockers that we offer for tight spaces:

Laminate Lockers

Our laminate door lockers are great for dry areas. Laminate doors offer superior security and durability. They are offered with the whole range of lock options, sizes and door colours.

You can see our range of laminate door lockers by clicking the link below.


Making the right choice

Look at some of our tips when choosing the right lockers for you:

  • Choose the relevant height for you pupils
  • Ensure that there is storage for every pupil
  • Check range of sizes and decide which will be suitable (consider height restrictions)
  • Check the locking options - key operated for secondary schools and keyless for primary schools
  • Check the size of each compartment.


At Cupboards Direct, we offer free, no obligation site surveys. Our sales specialists can come to your school, measure, advise and specify the best lockers for you. We can take out all of the hastle and manage your school locker project from start to finish.

Contact us today and we will help you every step of the way.