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Our wide range of School Canteen Furniture is designed cater to a wide range of age groups. Both primary and secondary schools will be able to find furniture to kit out their canteen space. In addition, our brand new range of canteen table and chair sets has just landed which includes sets suitable for higher education establishments.

Folding Canteen Units

Firstly, the range features folding canteen tables. These canteen tables are ideal for establishments that require their canteen units to be easily stored away when needed. When opening the folding tables, all users need to do is simply release the safety lock. This will unfold the table into the open position. For extra precaution and safety, the canteen tables come with heavy duty locking castors to avoid any harm to pupils and ensures the table will not fold back into the previous shape. This range of tables comes in many shapes and sizes. This means that there is no limit on how many pupils can be seated around the tables.

Our round canteen table and chairs are also foldable and best suited for environments where seating up to 8 people is common. In addition, our rectangle tables can seat up to 16 pupils and can either be kitted out with benches or separate seats. All canteen units at Cupboards Direct are made to make school pupils break time more sociable and enjoyable. For example, our smart top folding canteen table have been designed with a range of different themed table tops. This brings joy, fun and laughter to the dining area.

Mobile tables

Another key feature of the school canteen furniture range is that they are all mobile. This will allow schools to be extra organised should their canteen area be used for more than one thing. For example, if schools use their canteen for P.E classes or assemblies, the mobile table can easily be moved and put away.

Stationary bench and table sets

Moving on, other best sellers that are different to our mobile folding table are the rectangular bench and table sets. The sets come in a variety of different colours and materials as they can be used for different purposes. For example, the Fast Fold Rectangular set is made from lightweight aluminium. This means that the table can be wiped down clean so if therefore ideal for primary school establishments. Customers can choose between Beech, Blue or Red table tops to match the colour scheme of the establishment they are in.

Have any questions or queries regarding our School Canteen Furniture? Feel free to contact our sales team via live chat or by phone call 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.