Shelving & Racking

Adjustable Steel Wall Shelving

This Adjustable Steel Wall Shelving suitable for use in hospitals, kitchens, factories, workshops, laboratories, schools and colleges etc. Choose what you need to create your shelving: Uprights, Straight Brackets, Steel Shelves, Shelf Ends, Book Supports and Strong beam Brackets. Also suitable for steel, wood, composite or glass shelves.

General Purpose Steel Shelving

This boltless shelving is available in various sizes finished painted or galvanised.

Archive Storage Shelving

Supplied complete with cardboard storage boxes these units are ideal for storing documents like invoices for example that must be kept for up to seven years.

Office Shelving

This steel constructed shelving is supplied with open or closed back and as starter or add-on units. available in a large range of sizes to suit all applications.

Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving

For storing heavy goods this shelving is available with drop-in chipboard or steel shelves in a large range of sizes.

Cold Store Shelving

Ideal for damp or corrosive environments, this high-density aluminium shelving is suitable for cold rooms and has an aluminium frame and shelf supports with plastic shelf slats which are removable and easy to clean. Suitable for manufacturing, retail and catering environments.0

Chrome Wire Shelving

Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelving is a fully adaptable system offering a multitude of solutions to a variety of storage problems. Finished in hard-wearing blue chrome, the open wire design offers improved air circulation and light penetration making it an ideal system for catering, retail display, medical and hospitals, electronics, engineering and office applications.

Plastic Shelving

Plastic Shelving is Food Grade Shelving is of high-quality construction in hygienic polypropylene that won't rust, rot or corrode. Very strong yet lightweight, with load bearing capacity of 364kg per square metre. Easy assembly and dismantling.

Pallet Racking

This heavy-duty racking is available up to 6m high and delivered for easy self-assembly.